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Analyzing The Draft In Hindsight 9 Months Later

When the information broke that WWE could be returning the model cut up at round Might or June of final 12 months, I truthfully didn’t know what to assume. I perceive why WWE determined to maneuver ahead with the plan to separate the manufacturers as soon as once more. When combining the expertise of each […]

D’Z Reviews Raw 2/10

Opening Segment WWE knows what I want more than I know what I want, apparently. Did I want Batista to win the Rumble? Not really, but what do I know? Do I want to see Randy Orton as WWE Champion? Not at all, actually, but Triple H didn’t call me before making that decision. Do […]

D’Z Reviews Raw 1/20/14

Batista’s Return I felt a little underwhelmed by Batista’s return, and I know I wasn’t the only one. I was never the biggest Batista fan in the world, but I was relatively excited to see him back. The first mistake of the return was having Randy Orton involved. He cut a promo directed toward Triple […]