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CM Punk Leaves WWE

It is being reported that CM Punk has left. In a recent interview with Ariel Helwani Punk said his contract runs up in July and that he was unsure whether or not he would return. This past Monday reports came out that Punk told Vince he was going home before the show even started. It […]

The WWE Network: Details, what to expect.

Following Wednesdays announcement, many fans are gleeful and anticipating what WWE is calling the first “over-the-top” network, The WWE Network, promising 24/7 streaming content for any subscriber. Having watched the show during CES myself often laughing at Triple H and Shawn Michaels comical shenanigans, after a few days letting all the information hit me while […]

NXT live special in February

As was announced by WWE COO Triple H last night at the NXT tapings at Full Sail: February 27 will be the date for the first ever live NXT special. NXT will film a special live taping to be broadcast on the new WWE network as a celebration of said network. According to top online […]

Ziggler Concussed at the hands of Ryback

It is being reported that Dolph Ziggler suffered another concussion at the Superstar taping yesterday. This is terrible news for Ziggler and his fans, who had hoped 2014 could be a bounce back year after 2013 became frustrating for the Showoff. It was also a concussion last year that derailed his push, that one suffered […]

Jeff Jarrett Opening New Promotion?

For the past few weeks one of the hottest rumors has been that Jeff Jarrett and Toby Keith are going to partner together to open up a new wrestling promotion. Jarrett, one of the original founders of TNA, parted ways with the company late last year. Keith was said to be the one interested party […]

TNA loses the iMPACT Zone for the rest of the Year.

News is coming out tonight that TNA couldn’t secure a deal with Universal Studios for iMPACT for the rest of the year. This is a blow for TNA as they had planned on it being the new home of TNA during this rebuilding period. They tapped six episode of iMPACT back in December, the last […]