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Aeroboy vs. Danny Havoc (CZW, 11th January 2014)

I’m not going to lie here, I had absolutely no idea who “Aeroboy” was before watching this match, and I still don’t. Basically, for those in my case, Aeroboy is a small-time luchador from Mexico, that’s it. Anyway, onto the match: Within the first three minutes of this Ultraviolent Rules Match, Danny Havoc was sent […]

Chris Hero vs. Kevin Steen (ROH, 4th January 2014)

Chris Hero’s first ROH match in about two years, facing off against arguably the biggest star outside of the “big leagues”, Kevin Steen, in his first match of the new year. Heading into this match, Kevin Steen expressed himself in regards to his long overdue ROH World Title rematch, having dropped the belt to Jay […]

Jeff Jarrett Opening New Promotion?

For the past few weeks one of the hottest rumors has been that Jeff Jarrett and Toby Keith are going to partner together to open up a new wrestling promotion. Jarrett, one of the original founders of TNA, parted ways with the company late last year. Keith was said to be the one interested party […]

Going into Wrestle Kingdom 8: My thoughts on the card

Tomorrow is the day of New Japan’s annual January 4th Tokyo Dome show (As of 2006 renamed Wrestle Kingdom), their biggest show of the year, their Wrestlemania if you will. New Japan always tries to put out the best possible card with the best possible results for this show (as they should). With this piece […]