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UFC: Using Pro wrestling angles to sell fights?

It is no secret that the UFC has a history of borrowing aspects of pro wrestling. Tito Ortiz was all about selling his fights with his mouth, especially during his one-sided feud with Ken Shamrock, when the bad blood was the only selling point. My mind jumps to Rampage vs Rashad Evans, who were clearly […]

Is Antonio Cesaro a future Main Eventer?

There is no doubt that Antonio Cesaro is on fire right now. Leading up to the Elimination Chamber match next Sunday, many are expecting Cesaro to steal the show. He has as much momentum as he has ever had coming off of a win against WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton in the main event […]

Cesaro vs Sami Zayn- Early MOTYC

Sami Zayn vs Cesaro   Not having this match main event the show was a mistake. Having it open the show was an even worse mistake. I understand the idea of wanting to have an entertaining match to start the night, but Zayn vs Cesaro was the match everyone was talking about coming in and […]

The Shield vs The Wyatt Family

I’m not going to spend a lot of time discussing the Elimination Chamber, because it was 95% filler. There was boring build up for the Elimination Chamber match that mostly consisted of Orton putting on lame singles matches and losing, in a pathetic attempt by WWE to try and sell the possibility of Orton dropping […]

D’Z Reviews Raw 3/13

With the CM Punk/Chicago crowd situation receiving a lot of attention, this Raw was more highly anticipated than most by the average fan. Many wondered: will CM Punk make a triumphant return in his home city of Chicago? Spoiler: No, he did not. I didn’t so much expect a Punk return, but I wondered how […]

D’Z Reviews TNA Impact 2/27

Opening Segment  Tenay opens by saying that Dixie Carter isn’t going to be around tonight. A+ way to start the broadcast in my humble opinion. Instead of the usual Dixie Carter opening segment, we get MVP coming out first and he is well received as has been the case during the UK tapings. MVP announces […]

D’Z Reviews Raw 2/24

Hulk Hogan Return Unless you are the saltiest of haters, it is good to hear “Real American” on Raw again. Hogan, who some speculated might not receive a warm ovation, receives the loudest pop I’ve heard in WWE in quite some time. And when Hogan gets pops, they are sustained for minutes at a time. […]